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EA continues to tinker with their FIFA 15 Ultimate Team price cap experiment

March 19, 2015 |

Slightly behind the limited releases of NHL 15 and Madden 15, comes FIFA 15’s long awaited ‘pre-season’. The game’s demo is now available for free on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE and PC. The demo comes with a decent range of available content; players can play as one of 8 real-life teams, including Manchester City and Barcelona, or as one of 5 pre-determined FIFA ‘Ultimate Teams’, although the only stadium available in the demo is Liverpool’s Anfield.

At first glance, FIFA 15 doesn’t seem like very much of a change from its predecessors at all. While the gap from 2013 to 2014 was bridged by the introduction of the EA sports Ignite engine, bringing in a lot of changes, FIFA 15 doesn’t initially look like it’s brought that much to the table: The interface is pretty much entirely unchanged over the last couple of years, Lionel Messi is still considered by EA’s marketing department to be the best person in the entire world, ever, and to many players, 15 won’t really feel any different to 14 or possibly even 13. Player and ball movements are more realistic than ever, truly obeying the laws of physics. Collision between players no longer look comical. You will not, for instance, see them pass through each other. The ball can move, spin and bobble in any direction, depending on the surface or how it is kicked.

You can use your coins to buy FIFA packs, which include random players, staff, and consumables you can add to your team. Buying and opening packs can get very addictive, too. You never know who’s going to be inside the pack and you might get lucky with some really good and very rare players to find, like Ronaldo or Messi. I haven’t been very lucky with opening packs. I usually end up selling the players for coins I can use in the market. Another cool thing about Ultimate Mode is that it’s hard to stay with the same squad. Players get injured and have contracts. You won’t be able to use them unless after they heal or you extend their contracts. You can use consumables to heal injuries or add more games to the players’ contracts.

FIFA 15. Specifically, FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode. EA managed to whip up quite frenzy of anger earlier this week when they introduced changes to how the transfer system works in that mode of player. Previously, players could be listed at any price. Now, there are minimum and maximum price caps for all players and items.

Last week EA Sports released a new update for Ultimate Team which would send FIFA fans into outrage, prompting claims that the game has been ‘ruined’. The developers revealed ‘Price Ranges’ on their official website and social media, a feature which now restricts FUT gamers to selling players only within a set price range, meaning that there is no longer a free market in Ultimate Team. Each player in the game mode has been given a minimum and maximum price by EA Sports, depending on their value in the market, with the feature being designed to combat the infamous FUT 15 coins sellers, who’ve been the main source of controversy surrounding Ultimate Team this past year. This week, the IncGamers Poll is going to canvas opinion on these dramatic changes. From laissez-faire to a fully regulated virtual economy; what does this mean for the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team transfer market?

EA continues to tinker with their FIFA 15 Ultimate Team price cap experiment, and have now made the price ranges for certain players different per platform. Previously, the price bands were exactly the same on console and PC. As of today, players on PC will have different minimum and maximum prices in some circumstances. There’s a not especially handy (because it puts PC right at the end so you have to scroll across from the player names) spreadsheet on this page which details the differences. The 87 rated version of Juventus’ Carlos Tevez, for example, goes for a maximum of 2.1 million on PS4, but ‘just’ 1.5 million on PC. If you can find a buyer, that is. EA say that market and price adjustments “will continue to occur as the market changes and different items are introduced.”

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