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FIFA 15 actually brings quite a lot improvements to the game

March 19, 2015 |

Electronic Arts is giving Xbox One owners the chance to play the full version of FIFA 15 one week ahead of general release. Those who subscribe to the EA Access service can play the soccer sim now for a total of six hours. Saved data and progress will also carry over once the full game is released. “You can play all of the trial at once or spread your gaming over several days. Either way, you’ll get regular updates letting you know how much time you have left,” EA wrote on its website. The publisher adds that the six-hour allowance is still being used if the game is running in the background on Xbox One. “Be sure to quit the game when you’re not playing in order to maximize your game time,” EA said. FIFA 15 goes on general release on September 23 across North America, across Europe two days later and in the UK specifically on September 26. That means EA Access offers a six-hour introduction to the full game a week ahead of launch.

FIFA 15 ( ) has launched in the UK today to much excitement and the initial reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. However, a game that features all 20 Premier League stadiums, hundreds of accurately portrayed teams and thousands of players closely mimicking the real thing, it is unsurprising that a few glitches have emerged. Akinfenwa is strongest player – but he doesn’t like playing as himself Among those that players have been posting online is an incredible free-kick from Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard who somehow manages to kick the ball backwards. Another sees Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny spinning through the air after an innocuous coming together and Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen appearing to fly. Perhaps the best of the lot sees a cameraman decide to take a stroll onto the pitch.

For more experienced players, or those who explore beyond the basic playstyles, FIFA 15 actually brings quite a lot to the game. Tactical flexibility has improved drastically, with the new ‘All-out attack’ and ‘Park the Bus’ offensive and defensive tactics now available, set piece tactics being introduced for everything from corners to goal kicks, and AI who are now equipped with ‘memory’, allowing them to be far more responsive to the way the game is panning out – in just my first game, it was noticeable how much better players around me on both teams were reacting to my movements. FIFA 15 comes with plenty of updates for Goalkeepers. Some of the game environments are stunning.

Your wait is finally over as what is promised as the best football game is available to try out on your favourite console. It needs no introduction, FIFA is back, brighter than ever with sharper graphics, boasting player memories and over 600 emotional reactions that have helped finally put any rival football games to the sword. Well FIFA fans, the wait is over and you can finally try out Diego Costa in Blue, Mario Balotelli in Red or Luis Suarez debuting in an almost unstoppable Barcelona side. When it finally downloads, as expected, we’re greeted by a Photoshopped Lionel Messi, with a smug sly grin looking as though he’s just been told that despite dropping -1 on the ratings scale with 93, he’s still pipped rival Ronaldo (92) to be the game’s best player. Both are available to play on the Ultimate Team teaser, which allows a quick match featuring many of the globe’s top talent.

In a word, EA Sports’ FIFA is one of the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world, and I think they’ve got another winner here with their latest release. It looks great and feels more authentic than ever before. There are plenty of modes available and Ultimate Team will keep you busy even when you’re away from your Xbox. If you already have FIFA 14, you won’t be disappointed getting the latest version.

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