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Fifa 15 is the Best Selling Video Game in UK for 2014 (surprise!)

March 19, 2015 |

FIFA 15 is a lot better than expected, but still not the FIFA we dreamed of. Despite few new features, plenty were improved, especially goalkeepers. FIFA 15 was the best selling game in the UK last year, with games the most lucrative entertainment category overall. Personally, the most exciting aspect for FIFA 15 is that you can use your FIFA 15 coins to create a team that you dreamed for a long time.

Data released by the Entertainment Retailers Association put FIFA 15’s total sales at 2.66 million units, well ahead of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on 1.84 million units. The only other game to make the entertainment top ten was Grand Theft Auto V, with 1.34 million units.

Which I believe is due to football being more than just a sport in UK. It’s sort of like a religion and UK’s love for football has made Fifa 15 the top selling video game and the second best selling entertainment product in the region.

The Entertainment Retailer’s Association shared the top 20 best selling entertainment products in UK for 2014, including movies games and albums. According to the figures revealed by them, Fifa 15 managed to move 2.663 million copies since its release.

Ardent fans of the Fifa football games know two things to be true whenever the latest installment arrives. It will be mostly the same game as before, and it will also be the best football simulation ever. EA Sports, much like Apple with its iDevices, has found a winning formula, and it is reluctant to do more than drip feed us tiny changes every year.

That said it has long been believed that this year’s installment would be the big one. After all, developers have had almost a year since the launch of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 last November to really get to know the possibilities and limitations of these machines.

For this reason, Fifa 15 is now the leading video game product in terms of sales, going past Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which sits pretty at second place with 1.837 million sales.

The only real shortcomings with the AI emerge when playing to be a Pro mode, where you can opt to control a single player and build up a career. Obviously you are very reliant on the intelligence of your teammates, and while you can dictate play by calling for the ball, tracking opponents and finding space – it can still be a frustrating experience in FIFA ‘15. Often teammates will lob an easily intercepted ball to you, when a ground pass would be far more ideal. If you’re a midfield or attacking player, you’ll also face-palm when watching your back four run around like headless chickens when a basic cross is lifted into the box.

Speaking of presentation graphically Fifa 15 does improve over its predecessor but it’s mostly off the pitch where you’ll find major improvements, such as all twenty Premier League stadiums being painstakingly recreated. On the field the players likenesses are much closer than ever before, though one or two still look a bit off. The pitch starts to show wear and tear as the game goes on and the tackles start flying in. The atmosphere as well has been beefed up too with certain team’s songs being belted out by the crowd at the start of a game, sometimes at the end of it too providing that you’re winning. As a Liverpool fan I never get tired of hearing the crowd sings. You’ll Never Walk Alone during the final minutes of the game spurring me onto victory.

FIFA 15 is a lot of fun and does pretty much exactly what it sets out to do. If you’re looking for tactics, in-depth press conferences, scout suggestions, and serious player movement, this game probably isn’t for you. If you want to do all that and still play through match after match, there really is no better option on the market at the moment.

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