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FIFA 15: Use Hired, Loan players in Ultimate Team mode

March 17, 2015 |

First, what is UT? UT, ultimate team, is one of the major FIFA series. The emergence of this model made more and more players become genuine players. The so-called UT mode, the ultimate team, players around the world trade card players, set up their own ultimate team battle each other through a unified platform EAUT.
The best team is the one you build yourself. It isn’t just about assembling all the top players together in one squad. There are many factors that influence how well your players play with one another. In FUT, building the best possible squad requires smart decisions on and off the pitch..

Ultimate Team adds concept squads and loan players, the latter especially handy for those lacking either the funds or luck needed to acquire superstars. Loan players are only available via EA through the revamped EAS FC, where you can also share and comment on friend activity. The ability to create ideal line-ups before committing to a purchase is great pre-planning, and the share function will allow many players to learn from the best.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ( has introduced the ability to loan players for the very first time. Being able to recruit some of the world’s stars for a limited number of games is great, but it can be a little confusing at first working out how exactly the system works. Video Gamer has put together a quick guide explaining the loan system, and listed every loan player available via the Club Catalogue.

What are loan players? Loan players are players that you can recruit and are available for a limited number of matches. How many games you can use them for is different depending on the quality of each athlete. You can see how many matches a player is available for in the lower right of their card, listed in a blue box.

Ever wonder what it’s like to have Messi on your team? With the all new Loan Players feature, you’ll be able to try out some of FIFA Ultimate Team’s most sought after players for a limited amount of matches. See how a player fits onto your squad before purchasing them on the Transfer Market.

Loan cards are available exclusively from EA/the game itself, and cannot be purchased from fellow gamers. The first loan card will be made available to you when you create your first Ultimate Team in FIFA 15. You will be presented with a choice of: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (gold) for two matches, Habib Habibou (silver) for 17, Juanfran for 11 and Grodzicki (bronze) for 21 games.

Why would I need a loan player? Playing with Loan Players allows you to test out some of the most sought after Players in the game. From time to time EA will make different loan players available through EASFC. Sign loan players for the set amount of matches and use them wisely during their loan contract’s duration to win FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

In conclusion, the new feature of FIFA 15 is pretty good for you to get more scores and winning experience. Improve your in-game level by winning more game to obtain unlocked superstar loan players. Meanwhile, if you have any problems about Fifa 15 coins, feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Help, we will give you professional service. Have fun!

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